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We are Seazoned.

Teaching and promoting freediving in the Philippines since February 2016.

Wanna learn how to freedive right in the city? Or perhaps take your diving skills up a notch? We got you! We run freediving courses and trainings in Metro Manila (and nearby locations).

Oh, and did we mention that non-swimmers are welcome?

What we offer

City Dive: Basics of Freediving

A non-certification class designed for both swimmers and non-swimmers/beginners who want to learn the basic techniques of freediving with limited depth, time and distance.

Practice Session

This program is designed to polish your freediving techniques. In this 2-hr pool session, you will be trained how to hold your breaths longer, overcome equalization problems, and execute better duck dives.

AIDA 1: Introduction to Freediving

This certification course is for swimmers who want to get into freediving and learn introductory skills such as relaxation of both body and mind, finning techniques, duck dive, equalization, safety & rescue.

Which program is right for you?

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Ate and I attended their practice session today. Coach Nico was super patient in teaching us— would constantly give feedback on how you did on your turn and makes sure you get detailed instructions and tips on how to do better for the next turn. And you’d really feel confident in the water and safe! Everyone in Seazoned is super friendly and welcoming— Cha, Elein, Yana, Nico, MJ. You won’t feel out of place would definitely go back for more trainings. Thanks Seazoned!!

Gerri Sacop


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